Malapascua Island

At first glance Malapascua Island is the quintessential paradise island – a never ending white sandy beach, thousands of coconut trees drooping over the foreshore where the lapping azure ocean counts out the passing of time. And for visitors to Malapascua Island this is the reality.

Airport: Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA)

Trip Duration: 5-7 Days Trip


Beginner to Advanced Diver

Destination Info 

 AWith the growth of tourism on Malapascua Island, there has been an increase in opportunity for many locals. However many residents of Malapascua Island still fish for sustenance. The beach is dotted with small outriggers and often fish lie preserving in the sun.

Accommodation for many on Malapascua Island remains rudimentary and traditional – Nipa Huts built from local materials. Very few of these have running water or electricity, although 24 hour power arrived on Malapascua Island in December 2009 and bit by bit is being made available to all residents of Malapascua Island.

What to see

A trip to Malapascua is not complete if you haven’t dive Monad Shoal, the only place in the world where divers can regularly see the thresher sharks. Other marine life to be found on this island includes giant frogfish, painted frogfish, smashing mantis shrimp, sweetlips, lionfish, etc.

Sample Itinerary
  • Day 1.  Arrival @ Mactan at 4am. Transfer to Malapascua by van and boat. Arrived @ Malapascua Island at 11am. 2 dives.
  • Day 2. (4 dives) Monad Shoal 3 dives & 1 dive at the Lighthouse
  • Day 3. (4 dives) Kimod Shoal, Monad Shoal, Dona Marilyn, Gato Island.
  • Day 4.(4 dives) Kimod Shoal, Monad Shoal, Kalanggaman x 2.
  • Day 5. Depart Malapascua @ 11AM. ETA @ Mactan airport 4PM
Dive Site Information
  • Best time to visit: April to May till October.
  • Water Temp: 24-30°C,
  • Air Temp: 26-30°C
  • Visibility: 10-30 meters
  • Current: mild to strong
Getting There
  • Mactan airport > land transfer round 3-4 hours to Maya Port > boat to Malapascua (30 min)
Health & Insurance
  • Dive Insurance compulsory for this trip. We also strongly advise you get adequate travel insurance. Please check your travel insurance policy for your diving needs. If not covered then we recommend DiveAssure for single trip policy cover.
  • Dive Computer compulsoryon this trip.
  • Follow Safe Diving Practices at ALL times plus No Deco Diving and No Solo Diving.

Our Recommendation

  • The high season runs from December to April so be sure to book in advance during this period. Especially during Christmas time, the island can get really busy therefore prices tend to increase.

You can consider island hopping to the picturesque Kalanggaman island, Logon beach, Bounty beach, Lighthouse beach, Guimbitayan beach, and Lapus Lapus beach.

At night, you can go to a bar and chill with newfound friends. Head out to the most popular bar in Malapascua, Kocoy’s where you can drink, play games like table football, as well as enjoy delectable dishes.